What does the future of cosmetic surgery hold for us?


Cosmetic surgery trends show us that the demand for plastic surgery is constantly growing. This is not going to change, especially in the near future. We will see less invasive, more affordable and much more advanced procedures thanks to innovative techniques that will surely be developed and brand new technologies that will appear.

This growth is not new to the healthcare industry. Years ago, eyelid surgery was very tricky. Nowadays anyone can learn more about double eyelid surgery and do it in a completely safe environment. So even in the next few months we might be surprised by new advances. Those below are just a few that might be mentioned.

Stem cells

Plastic surgeons are excited about the use of stem cell technology. These will be combined in the future with tissue engineering with a focus on the growth of body parts. Structures like skin will be able to grow, which can lead to implants that can restore function and form.

It should also be added that the stem cells could end up being reinjected as fillers, which is exciting because they would last longer and be more compatible than the filters currently used.

Stem cell research is currently being done in a variety of areas, including:

Fat graft

A patient’s extra fatty tissue can now be regenerated and transferred to other parts of the body. The technique is popular in plastic surgery affecting areas like the hands, face, buttocks and breasts. The only problem is that the option is only available to patients with enough fat to transplant.

Going back to stem cells, they can become literally any type of tissue. This includes fat, so it will be possible to develop the patient’s own fat to then use it for fat grafting. As a result, transplants could become more common than ever.

fat reduction

Fat reduction is possible today through the use of several radical new techniques, without the need to use incisions. The new procedures that will be developed and those that are used today can be a huge boon to many. This includes fat freezing, which helps target specific problem areas to destroy fat cells.

Stop or slow down aging

New treatments are being developed to alter collagen breakdown, programmed cell death, and many other soft tissue and skin changes that we naturally see with age. The anti-aging quest that has always been a reality for mankind will surely continue.

Tailor-made treatments

Over the past 10 years, more and more procedures have been developed. We are sure that plastic surgery will grow and we will surely eventually see an increase in custom treatments.

People react differently to certain products or treatments. More knowledge is gained about this over time and we expect to see individual cosmetic treatments offered by more spas. They will be adapted to the patient’s profile in order to obtain the best possible result. It will even be possible to determine the amount of patient scars.


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