Viral tweet urges users to reminisce about nostalgic cosmetics


Memories of school and of our adolescence evoke all kinds of feelings: nostalgia, regret, embarrassment.

Now people are reliving the past through the products we used (and misused). With scents so often associated with memories, it’s no exaggeration to say that a scent can make us feel like we’re 15 again.

After all, there was usually at least one product that endured our teenage years by our side – whether we put on makeup before class or sprayed so much deodorant in the locker room that the fumes alone could have destroyed the layer of ozone layer.

What got everyone thinking about their teenage beauty habits was a tweet from writer Jo Lake, who asked users to share which toiletries or cosmetics they “most associate with their teenage years.

Hundreds of people responded, and the responses ranging from perfumes to extreme mascaras are a veritable blast from the past, forcing everyone to wonder, “What were we thinking?

Some remembered the scents lingering in the school hallways.

Dream Matte Mousse Foundation was a popular culprit.

People loved canned hair dye.

In retrospect, some products struck a chord.

It’s a painful trip down memory lane – and down the toiletry aisle.


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