Toxin Free USA sues CoverGirl over cosmetic products containing toxic PFAS


WASHINGTON, December 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Toxin Free United States, a national nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to consumer protection and education, has filed a one-of-a-kind false advertising complaint against CoverGirl Cosmetics and Coty Inc. for misrepresentation about the environment and product safety due to toxic PFAS chemical indicators found in their products.

CoverGirl is promoting itself as a champion of “open, inclusive and sustainable beauty”. Coty, CoverGirl’s parent company, publishes a sustainability report that touts its environmental initiatives as well as its “Product Safety” strategy. Toxin Free United States believes that consumers are being misled because products containing PFAS toxic chemicals are neither durable nor safe.

PFAS – perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances – are a class of over 8,000 human-made chemicals and include PFOA, PFOS, and GenX. PFAS chemicals are also known as “eternal chemicals” because they do not break down in the environment. These chemicals can bioaccumulate in the body over time and have been linked to cancer, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, liver damage, decreased fertility, birth defects, hormonal disturbances, obesity and decreased immunity. First developed in the 1940s, PFASs have traditionally been found in food packaging, non-stick pans, clothing, furniture, and fire-fighting foam.

A recent peer-reviewed study, published in Environmental Science & Technology, detected what the study authors called “high” levels of organic fluorine, an indicator of PFAS, in more than half of the 231 makeup and personal care samples, including including lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer, lip balm, blush and nail polish. “It’s a product that people smear on their skin day in and day out, so there is really a potential for significant exposure,” said Tom bruton, one of the study’s authors. “Lipstick wearers may inadvertently eat several pounds of lipstick in their lifetime,” said Graham peaslee, lead author of the study.

This study launched a wave of media reports as well as bipartisan bills introduced in Congress to ban the use of PFAS in cosmetics and personal care products. To date, no federal bills have been passed and the US EPA has not taken significant action.

Toxin Free United States executive Director, Diana reeves, said: “Based on the level of organic fluorine detected in our investigation, a worrying level of PFAS is likely present in CoverGirl pressed powder. Applying this product to the skin has the potential to cause damage due to exposure to this dangerous class of chemicals. If regulators and politicians can’t come to an agreement, then it’s up to us to hold these companies to account. We cannot let companies fool consumers by using claims of safety and environmental sustainability that are not true. “

The CoverGirl lawsuit, filed under the DC Consumer Protection Procedures Act by the association’s attorney, Richman Law & Politics, seeks to end Coty / CoverGirl’s deceptive marketing of its cosmetics as “sustainable” or “safe”.

Read the full complaint HERE.

GMO / Toxin free United States is a national 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that advocates for a clean and healthy food system and environment and educates consumers about the dangers of GMOs, synthetic pesticides and other toxins.

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