Teen mum Leah Messer will have cosmetic surgery as fans beg star not to have ‘unnecessary’ procedure


TEEN Mom fans are begging Leah Messer not to have ‘unnecessary’ plastic surgery after documenting her visit to the doctor.

The mom of three would be the latest member of the franchise to go under the knife.


Leah Messer has revealed her plans to undergo cosmetic surgeryCredit: Instagram
She brought fans on a doctor's visit


She brought fans on a doctor’s visitCredit: Instagram/@leahmesser

On Monday, Leah, 30, filmed herself sitting next to her daughters Ali and Aleeah ​​during a visit to a doctor.

She revealed that she was there to discuss getting veneers.

The MTV star said in the video, “I’m on my very first veneer appointment at Smile Savvy with Dr. Joya Lyons.

“Jaylan had her veneers done by her husband, Dr. Drew Lyons, and I’m super excited. What do you think?”

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Teen Mom fans think Leah looks

In a second video, she left it to her daughters.

Leah asked the twin duo, “What do you think?”

One of her daughters replied, “I’m thrilled,” to which the Teen Mom star asked, “For me?”

Her daughters replied, “Yes,” and then the family exchanged I love you.

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Leah has gone through some major changes over the years since her debut on Teen Mom.


Recently, fans of the MTV show took a trip down memory lane when they unearthed an old photo from his debut on the show.

Many claim she is unrecognizable in the snaps, which show her with a drastically different hairstyle.

At the time, Leah wore a short blonde bob with side bangs.

In an image shared on Reddit, Leah wore a blue top and gave the camera a worried look.

Her blonde hair was styled in a bouffant poof with choppy pieces that fell on either side of her face.

In a second photo, the reality star posed for a mirror selfie while wearing black.

Leah’s nails were teal and accented, and her hair was even bigger with more volume as she smiled for the camera.

In a final throwback, the fan shared a photo of the show’s TV personality looking upset as she rocked a pink v-neck top and her blonde bob.

The user captioned their post, “Leah’s short hair phase days,” as the Teen Mom 2 star had been sporting long, straight brunette locks for several years.

“Unfortunately, whoever cut her hair there looked like they were inspired by a cardboard box shape,” one commenter replied.

One noted, “She looks older in these pics than she does now!!” while another laughed: “That’s so bad.”

Rumors have been circulating about Leah having plastic surgery for some time.


In 2020, Leah responded to rumors that she had plastic surgery.

The reality star looked back on a 16-year-old and pregnant episode in a video, and fans called her out in the comments for having had ‘too much surgery’, but she denied having had any .

It all started when Leah shared a series of photos where she appeared frail and thin with her shoulder blade bones protruding.

In another photo, Leah’s face looked somewhat sunken and she had deep, dark circles around her eyes.

In other photos, she looked happy and healthy as she took selfies outside her West Virginia home while doing a bit of gardening.

After seeing the recent photos, as well as Leah’s new look in the 16-year-old and pregnant retrospective interview, fans said they “didn’t even recognize her.”

A confused Instagram user asked, “Wait for wtfffff to get to his face?”

Others simply said, “Someone had surgery”, “Too many surgeries” and other accusatory notes on the teen mom 2 star doing work.

Leah fired back on Twitter to say she “didn’t have surgery.”

She went on to explain her new look, “However, I definitely did a 180 on how I choose to diet and live my life.

“& I feel like it’s finally showing! My extensions are out, and I’ve also lightened up the eye makeup. #Be yourself

“Btw, this pandemic is the reason why I have no more extensions.”

She added, “I’m not saying I’m not all about fresh botox either…Girl. Be. You! Are you! When’s the next Botox party? I’m coming!”

Some fans praised the MTV star for her looks, saying she looked like the “best version” of herself.

Rumors have swirled about Leah's changing appearance


Rumors have swirled about Leah’s changing appearanceCredit: Instagram
Many have speculated for years that she was doing work


Many have speculated for years that she was doing workCredit: Leah Messer
The reality star previously denied having had plastic surgery


The reality star previously denied having had plastic surgeryCredit: Instagram/Teen Mom

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