Sherri Shepherd Talks Plastic Surgery, Aging, Sex After 50


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At 55, Sherri Berger is in the middle of his next act. She just moved to New York to launch Sherri, his new talk show. And she recently teamed up with Hertz — which she used for her cross-country move from Los Angeles — on its Let’s Go! campaign, further proof that this star is not afraid to move forward in life. For Shepherd, getting older is a good thing because it means she’s “gaining more wisdom” and being more selective about the path she wants to take.

“I’m at the point where I don’t mind saying no,” she explains. “For me, older is not a negative. Older is a plus point. When, when Captain Sully landed that plane in the Hudson River, he wasn’t 30 – he was older. There’s a lot you get when you’re older and I’ve learned to forgive more. I learned not to let people bother me. So older really is a plus and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not.

For Shepherd, loving himself is not conditional. She says her weight has fluctuated over the years, but that hasn’t changed how she feels about her body. When it comes to making changes, the trial and error alum focuses less on her looks and more on her health.

“I always liked my body. I like my body when it had rollers on it. I like my body when I have a tight stomach,” she points out. “You know when you’re not not at your best weight, when you’re not at your healthiest. So I never loved my body, but I knew when I wasn’t operating at peak efficiency.

The star, who has been married twice and is now happily dating, says she feels the same about her body in sexier times too.

“I got lingerie in sizes XX, XL and felt sexy. I got medium size lingerie and I feel sexy,” she says. “Sexy is not the way your body looks sexy, that’s how you feel inside.”

And it only gets better with age.

“Sex after 50 is amazing,” she teases. ” You know why ? Because you take your time. There are no more Energizer Bunnies after 50 years. After 50, you know what you want and you’re not afraid to say it.

That doesn’t mean Shepherd didn’t have a moment where she wanted to switch bodies. She says she is “very serious” have a breast reductionjoking, “It only irritates women – my boobs are so big when women feel like it’s out of proportion. Men have no problem with it. Any man I tell I going to have a breast reduction. They’re like, ‘Oh, what the fuck? No!'”

One thing the mother decided not to adjust was the size of her back.

“I never liked my booty,” she notes. “I’ve always wanted a big bubble butt and I wanted big hips. Well after doing some research I realized that my frame wouldn’t support a bubble butt or big hips. I don’t want to look like an ant driving around.

From what she’s learned in life, the talk show host says she’s proud of her ability to move on.

“I don’t get bogged down in a lot of past issues,” she says. “I just keep moving forward. When you stay in that place of unforgiveness, of the past, that’s what makes you look older. That’s what makes you feel bad. That’s what makes you sick. So why be in this place when you can forgive and move on? »

Of what she wants women her age to know, she says it’s simple: “It’s not over. It’s just the beginning.”

Sherri premieres Sept. 12 in national syndication.

—Video produced by Stacy Jackman

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