Shauna Controlla does cosmetic surgery | Entertainment


After initially denying claims that she had undergone surgery on her body, recording artist Shauna Controlla has said that after going under the knife in 2018 for a breast lift and liposuction, it led to some self-discovery.

“I don’t want to do cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries on my body anymore. It’s like an addiction. Once you’ve done it the first time, you’ll want to go back if it’s successful and you find something else, you want to change,” she said THE STAR.

“Check out a lot of celebrities who have had these surgeries. A lot of them keep coming back. I like the pain but not this guy…once is good,” Shauna Controlla continued.

The control button The artist, who was spotted at the Sting 2022 launch on Tuesday, said that after researching various cosmetic practices, including bleaching, she invested in a new business making and selling products to lighten, tone and cleanse. skin that do not use harsh chemicals.

“People should consider using more natural products…naturally made products that stop bleaching with things that damage the skin and make it more prone to sun damage. There are simpler and easier ways to safer to lighten skin. I’m a chemist and my Goddess Tone brand has seen results. We now have four stores, two here in Jamaica and two overseas,” Shauna Controlla explained.

“I just worked hard on the inside. Music has always been a part of my life. I record and produce most of my tracks in my home studio, ever since Shauna Chyn [her previous moniker] days I was the executive producer of my songs. I still work with other producers but I think it all balances out with my business.”


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