Selfies, social media and plastic surgery – the triangle!


By Dr Nikhil Mehta

Man has always been a social animal but surely the invention of the mirror would have changed the course of society. With the knowledge of self-reflection came the desire for self-admiration. Both men and women spent time in front of the mirror to dress according to the latest fashion trends. And then came smart phones with selfie camera…….’boom’, a gadget with which you can click yourself in precious moments.

The acceptance of putting your life moments on the social media platform and being appreciated has created a long burning desire for beauty perfection. Plastic surgery has started to be accepted and appreciated more for its branch of cosmetic surgery, as it masks these imperfections. Millennials and Gen Z have become more open to accepting their body imperfections and seeking their solutions.

The increase in the number of people undergoing hair transplantation, gynecomastia surgery, fat grafting, rhinoplasty even in times of covid speaks volumes. As of January 2021, the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in India according to search volume data was hair transplantation with over 30,000 results per month. Liposuction and rhinoplasty followed with over 20,000 and 19,000 results respectively, while Botox for breast enlargement and hair transplant exceeded 11,000, 18,000 and 33,000 respectively.

Today, the field of plastic surgery has added many more things to its arsenal, whether it is newer and refined machines for surgical work such as piezoelectric saws, j plasma for liposuction or equipment non-surgical like lasers, HIFu, radio frequency machines. In today’s world, you don’t have to live with that ugly accident scar, nor should post-pregnancy changes take away your desire to fit into your beautiful dress. Aging lines can be faded, lips can look fuller just on your lunch break. Cosmetic surgery has become a pragmatic wand for these beautiful images because an image says it all.

Each art has its own limits and the same is true in the field of cosmetic surgery. The unchanging desire to look like someone or get a body like someone should be a red flag for the surgeon. Sometimes you have to learn to say no. He must be aware of the limits of his skills and knowledge and must not mislead the patient into believing that results are not achievable.

With new social media platforms now becoming part of our lives, this triangle is going to become more acceptable.

(The author is a consultant – Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Max hospital, Gurugram. The opinions expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of


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