SCS Launches New Introductory Cosmetic Science Course

By Julia Wray

The UK-based industry body’s latest modules are suitable for those without a scientific background

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<p><i><i>The app-based interactive course is available via mobile, tablet or computer</i></i></p>
<p>The Society of Cosmetic Scientists in the UK has launched a new training course that does not require a scientific background.</p>
<p>The SCS Introduction to Cosmetic Science (ICS) is an interactive app-based course that is available via mobile, tablet or computer and is designed for flexible learning.</p>
<p>The course written by cosmetic scientists offers five modules covering skin care, hair care, color cosmetics, nail care and oral care.</p>
<p>It’s claimed to teach cosmetic science in an accessible way that doesn’t require a scientific background – and for anyone looking to brush up on their knowledge of GCSE chemistry, a separate review guide is available on the app.</p>
<p>Sam Farmer, SCS President, called the course “an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to further their education in cosmetics”, adding “it could even be the start of a new career”.</p>
<p>“It took many years and real teamwork to create a course accessible to everyone, inside and outside the industry, curious about the cosmetic products they use on a daily basis,” commented Lorna Radford, Course Lead for the ICS.</p>
<p>The ICS is available worldwide and includes a digital certificate and badge upon completion.</p>
<p>Those interested in enrolling are encouraged to visit the SCS cosmetic learning site.</p>
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