Red flag raised on two cosmetic products


The Ministry of Health (MoH) has raised the red flag on two cosmetic products that have been adulterated with the powerful Western medicine and unreported, following testing by the pharmacy section of the laboratory of the Department of Scientific Services Ministry of Health.

RYX Skin Sincerity Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating Toner and RYX Skin Sincerity Starter Kit Beyouthiful Day & Night Rejuvenating Toner have been found to be adulterated with Hydroquinone. Both products are made in the Philippines.

Hydroquinone can cause potentially dangerous side effects for users. It is used in Western prescription drugs to treat skin conditions and is banned in skin care cosmetics under the Medicines (cosmetics).

Unsupervised use may cause skin hypersensitivity, skin discoloration leading to gradual darkening of the affected skin area and increased risk of skin cancer.

The Ministry of Health has not issued an import approval for the sale of the products and/or a cosmetic notification acknowledgment letter for the sale of the remainder of the affected products.
As a result of the findings, it is prohibited to import and sell the products in Brunei Darussalam.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Sincerity RYX Skin Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating Skin Toner and RYX Sincerity Beyouthiful Starter Kit Day and Night Rejuvenating Toner. PHOTOS: Ministry of Health

Members of the public who have purchased or are using these products are advised to discontinue use immediately. They should also seek medical attention if they feel unwell or experience any adverse reactions following their use.

He reminded members of the public involved in the retailing of these products (including retail online, for example via Facebook) that the sale of any product containing a controlled substance under the law is an offense under the law on poisons 1956. the penalty for such an offense upon conviction is a fine of 8 000 BND or six months imprisonment.

Also, if a person commits an act which is equivalent to a degree of negligence as it endangers or is likely to endanger human life, then the person shall be guilty of an offense and liable to a fine of 16 000 BND and 12 months imprisonment.

The public are also reminded that importing and marketing cosmetic products in the local market without a cosmetic product notification acknowledgment letter issued by the authority is an offense under the Medicines (Products) Regulations Cosmetics) of 2007. The penalty for violation of these regulations upon conviction is a fine not exceeding BND 5,000, imprisonment not exceeding two years or both.

The Ministry of Health called for public cooperation in reporting to the section of compliance and licenses if any of these products is found on the market.

For more information and communication, contact the Compliance and Licensing Section at 2393298 (ext. 208), email at [email protected]visit the Compliance Section and Licensing, Department of Pharmaceutical Services in Kampong Gadong Madaras in Mukim A, or call Darussalam line 123.


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