[podcast] Teaching Cosmetic Sciences: Current and Future Directions


Cosmetic education falls under a large number of subjects, but it has a limited number of courses across the United States. The industry continues to move towards natural products and preservatives, which presents a need for further learning.

With support from the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC), the University of Cincinnati (UoC) has developed a new graduate program: Hygienic Manufacturing of Cosmetics. In this sponsored podcast, KP Ananth (Ananthapadmanabhan), Ph.D., cosmetic science program director, sHare with Peter Smedley, Associate Editor of cosmetics and toiletries, His development.

Ananth also explains how the PCPC connects and supports its prospective students: “One of the benefits of our specific Cosmetic Science program is that students can start whenever they want as they will be exposed to all aspects of Cosmetic Science. ”

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Additionally, Ananth delves into the unique opportunities offered by the UoC, with a wide selection of courses and programs for anyone interested in cosmetics to further their education. He discloses that this program will give students more hands-on experience and that the university continues to look at industry needs to work closely with key organizations like the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and the PCPC.

The UoC offers several hands-on courses in cosmetic formulation, as this podcast explains. Sign up now to listen and learn more; it’s free.


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