“People in the industry moved away from me after my cosmetic surgery”, Koena Mitra


Diva Saki Saki Koena Mitra, became a star overnight through the song, and her dance moves in the article number with Sanjay Dutt from the movie Musafir.

She made the headlines after cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of her face. But the change didn’t work out well for her diva Saki in Bollywood.

Koena recently spoke about the torture she suffered for 3 years by the media and industry people after plastic surgery.

She talks about the negative articles that have been written about her that have affected her career in the industry.

Koena said: “I agree that nepotism and groupism exist in the film industry. I have been confronted with all kinds of behavior. There was a time when I had a big break even though I was an underdog. On the other hand, when I need it most, no one in the industry has stood up for me. I will always have this complaint against the industry that they have not spoken openly for me, ”said Koena Mitra.

She added, “When I first came here, I didn’t know not to talk about her surgery. Someone asked me and I talked about my operation. It wasn’t long after that I felt like the whole world was picking on me. I was tortured for my operation for three long years. Consistently, the media spread negative information about me. A lot of people in the industry moved away from me at the time as well and that affected my work as well. I want to laugh because people would advise me to stay strong, but not support me in front of the media.

Previously, in an interview, Koena also explained that her surgery didn’t go badly but her body reacted differently. “I had swelling of the bones on my face. When you see a fractured leg, it takes 6 months to repair the bone, then there is numbness and swelling in the leg. Recovery takes almost a year and a half. The operation was not bad. It was basic. It was not major implant surgery. It was corrective surgery. It was corrective surgery but my body reacted like this. It was my first experience, so I didn’t know how my body would react.


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