New exclusive Sytheon study of 9 commercial cosmetics to assess the level of Bakuchiol, the natural alternative to retinol


Bakuchiol saw its use and popularity increase after a publication by Dhaliwal & al in the British journal of Dermatology in 2018[1]. Sytenol® A, Bakuchiol’s trade name has been shown to be a milder alternative to retinol for topical skin treatment, with improved photostability and similar performance in combating photoaging.

Many brands have launched cosmetic products capitalizing on the claims associated with Bakuchiol. Like any cosmetic active ingredient, its benefit is linked to the presence of an appropriate level of Bakuchiol as well as to its stability in the formula. Therefore, Sytheon selected 9 commercial serums and oils and the level of Bakuchiol was evaluated by an external laboratory.

The report confirmed that almost all of the products tested met their claims and contained optimal levels of Bakuchiol, from 0.5 to 2.14%. This also suggests the excellent stability of Bakuchiol in formulation.

From the Bakuchiol analytical benchmark, only one product stood out. The water-based Bakuchiol Herbivore Serum contained only 2.27 ppm Bakuchiol while 1% was claimed by the brand on social networks. This does not indicate a stability problem but rather the use of a water-based extract of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant (as indicated on the INCI list), which cannot contain any hydrophobic substance such as Bakuchiol.

Over the years, Bakuchiol has become the popular alternative to retinol for sensitive skin and has been shown to be stable in its formulation. In a world where the need for transparency is greater than ever, it is the responsibility of the cosmetics industry to respect its consumers by providing safe and stable products that contain what they claim.

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