Natalia Dyer defended by fans after TikTok nurse gave cosmetic surgery advice


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stranger things fans know better Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler, the bubbly but determined older sister of Mike Wheeler. But on Monday morning, the 27-year-old actress started trending for a reason unrelated to her hit Netflix series – after a cosmetic beauty nurse practitioner on TikTok tried to offer some hints as to how Dyer might enhance her face with injections and fillers.

Yes, this Natalia Dyer – the real porcelain doll of a human being who obviously doesn’t need any help in the beauty department. And yet, the following TikTok video went viral after Twitter user @probablypersian tweeted it on Sunday night.

“I could never be a celebrity because if someone made a video like this about me I would get violent,” they tweeted, along with the clip.

The woman in the video is Miranda Wilson, NP, who works at a Laguna Beach-based skincare practice. Among his various suggestions, Dyer treats the masseter muscles that are attributed to his unique jawline, adds filler to his chin and lips, and botox to give him a brow lift. The audacity, in a word, is stunning — and the finished product, which Wilson helpfully demonstrated with some Photoshop work, barely looked like the actress.

The video appears to have since been deleted after going viral, but a few other Wilson videos speak for themselves.

Namely, a TikTok suggests that money can really buy happiness with a side by side of Khloé Kardashian’s cosmetic transformation. In another, she reveals before and after photos of its own apparent glow – revealing a “front” face shape not entirely unlike Dyer’s.

However, as the video with suggestions for Dyer, in particular, went viral, many fans piled in to defend the actress while generally poking fun at toxic beauty culture.

“One thing they taught me young in advertising (before I left it) is that our job is to destroy self-esteem,” radio host Rafael Shimunov tweeted. “By targeting someone who people consider extremely beautiful, they are targeting your self-esteem more than they are Natalia Dyer.”

Another user correctly pointed out that uniqueness is a huge factor in beauty, and especially when it comes to Dyer’s features.

YouTuber and blogger Elly Arrow has called for the plastic surgery industry to be abolished:

One user went so far as to suggest that Dyer should “beat his ass”.

Many others pointed out that the cosmetic beauty industry seems to want all women to look generic and the same.

If Dyer is somehow aware of the controversy surrounding her face, at the very least hopefully she’ll laugh it all off. Wilson, on the other hand, probably not that much!


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