More than 100 cosmetics pulled from market over outlandish claims, says Dewan Rakyat


KUALA LUMPUR: More than 100 cosmetic products have been pulled from shelves for making outlandish claims, Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali has said.

It came after the ministry investigated claims against 1,775 cosmetic products from last year to June this year, he added.

“Of this total, warnings were issued to companies regarding 283 advertisements that went beyond the claims permitted by the Cosmetics Guidelines.

“While the notification status for 104 products was revoked because they went beyond medical claims and the scope of the definition of cosmetics,” he said in response to Sabri Azit (PN-Jerai) in the Dewan Rakyat on Monday July 25.

Under the Drugs and Cosmetics Control Regulations, he said all cosmetic products must receive notification status from the ministry before they can be manufactured, imported or sold.

Dr Noor Azmi added that the Ministry’s Pharmacy Enforcement Division had investigated 86 complaints against cosmetic products advertised online, even though they had not yet received notification status.

“Raids were also carried out at 444 premises during the same period (2021-June this year) where products worth RM4.338 million were seized,” he said.

He said people promoting cosmetics in ads were also prohibited from using the title “doctor” when doing so or making outlandish claims about their products.

“A complaint will be filed with the governing body of the profession if it turns out that a doctor has used his title in the advertisement,” he added.

Dr. Noor Azmi assured the public that the ministry carries out periodic checks and analyzes of product samples to ensure their safety.

“Those who offer products that pose an extreme hazard will be required to recall them within 24 hours,” he said, adding that a 30-day recall period is granted for products deemed less hazardous to health. .

He said those who flout regulations on the sale and advertising of cosmetic products could also be brought to justice.


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