LG H&H signs an agreement to recycle coffee grounds for its cosmetics


LG H&H has signed a memorandum of understanding with Korean start-up Urban Miners to cooperate on the processing of coffee grounds and the production of activated carbon, or coffee charcoal, as an ingredient.

As coffee charcoal has a high carbon content and excellent absorption properties, LG H&H and Urban Miners plan to study how coffee charcoal can be used to absorb excess sebum and detoxify impurities from the body. skin.

Activated charcoal is an immensely popular ingredient in beauty and personal care. It is found in a range of products including face masks, pore tapes, shampoo and toothpaste.

Additionally, FMCG will explore how they can use coffee charcoal as a deodorant for their household products.

“We hope that the development of new carbon-reducing biomaterials can meet the needs of [millennials and Gen Z] consumers. Thanks to the collaboration with LG Household & Health Care, we hope to make it a global champion ”,said Na Yong-hoon, CEO of Urban Miner

LG H&H will supply coffee grounds, which is the by-product of the manufacture of its coffee drinks.

In addition, the company plans to process the charcoal for use on farms near its Haitai beverage manufacturing plant.

Revolutionary technology

Urban Miner was created in 2016 by Na, who set out to develop an alternative fuel that respects the environment.

Activated carbon made from coffee beans is considered a high-quality functional biomaterial because it does not contain harmful substances.

According to the start-up, the process of upgrading coffee grounds into charcoal is a complicated process and it is the only company that has been able to market it.

Coffee charcoal is made through a special drying and heat treatment process for coffee grounds. Urban Miners claims that its manufacturing methods are “clean and harmless”for the environment.

Urban Miners has already used this activated carbon to develop filters for water and air purifiers as well as fertilizers. She is also working on the development of health supplements and solid fuel from her coffee charcoal.

This project with Urban Miners is aligned with LG H & H’s social and environmental governance (ESG) objectives to promote resource recycling and promote a circular economy.

The company has set a target to use 200 tonnes of recycled plastic in its products by 2025.

In July of this year, the company launched the Borrowed Earth charging station where consumers can charge products from LG H&H personal care brands such as Dr. Groot.

The station provides refill containers made in part from coconut shells which reduce plastic use by around 30% and are recyclable.

The company has also set itself the goal of increasing the number of clean beauty products in its portfolio. By 2025, she expects 50% of products to be clean beauty products. This means that products will have to be mindful of their environmental footprint.

Last year, the company launched Hempharmx, a clean hair and body care brand. The brand has developed a toothbrush made from an ecological resin obtained from raw materials extracted from naturally biodegradable corn starch.


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