Kylie Jenner appears to handle Kylie cosmetics without gloves

  • Kylie Jenner shared Instagram photos of her visit to a Kylie Cosmetics lab in Italy.
  • Jenner was photographed without gloves or a hairnet, but sources said she was not in a production area.
  • According to FDA guidelines, products handled in unsanitary conditions may be “prohibited.”

Kylie Jenner has raised hygiene concerns about Kylie Cosmetics products after posting photos that appeared to show her in a lab not wearing basic sanitary equipment.

On Wednesday, the makeup mogul, who launched her eponymous brand in 2015, shared a photo carousel of his visit to a laboratory in Milan, Italy. In the post, Jenner is seen peering into vats of liquid without a hairnet and handling glass beakers wearing several silver rings but no gloves. She also shared a short clip of herself picking up and weighing a beaker filled with powder, during which she can be heard saying, “I could do it.”

Captioning the post, which has over 6 million likes on Thursday, Jenner wrote that she’s “in the lab creating new magic” for her fans and that Kylie Cosmetics is “better than ever.”

It is not clear if she was handling consumer cosmetics or if she was inside the lab’s production area. Representatives for Jenner declined to provide a statement to Insider. However, sources told Insider that Jenner was not in the production shops but in an accessible lab area where she could play around with ideal colors and concepts.

Jenner wore her hair down during her visit to the lab.

Jenner wore her hair down during her visit to the lab.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

While the lab Jenner visited was in Europe, if she planned to sell any cosmetic materials she handled in the United States, she would have to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard that products imported must be safe for consumers.

According guidelines published by the FDA on Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics, a product that has been “manufactured or stored under unsanitary conditions in which it may have become harmful to users or contaminated with waste”, may be considered “tampered with” and therefore prohibited.

As for personnel, the guidelines state that anyone who comes into contact with cosmetic materials should “wear appropriate outerwear, gloves, hair ties, etc., and maintain adequate personal cleanliness.” FDA officials did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on Jenner’s post.

She also appeared to pick up and weigh cosmetic equipment without gloves.

She also appeared to pick up and weigh cosmetic equipment without gloves.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Although sources told Insider that Jenner was not in a lab area, the photos drew mixed reactions on social media. Some users pointed out that Jenner didn’t seem to be following standard lab procedure, leaving comments asking her to “wear a beanie” while others joked about looking for hair in makeup they would buy later.

One user wrote that he couldn’t “wait for this to break my skin in hives”.

Another user asked “what kind of professional lab” would let Jenner in without wearing basic sanitary gear.

But this isn’t the first time celebrities with beauty marks have shared photos of themselves appearing to work with their own makeup products without gloves or hairnets. In June, DJ and influencer duo Simi and Haze Khadrafounders of Simihaze Beautyshared a similar instagram carousel to Jenner showing their visit to a lab in Italy.

Coty Representatives, the beauty brand that owns 51% of Kylie Cosmeticsdid not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.


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