EWG expands cosmetic science and certification programs


The EWG Verified: for your healthThe certification program targets both the individual ingredients and the composition of the ingredients, while it also launches a comprehensive program for the personal care industry involving its scientists collaborating with cosmetic brands and independent formulators with the aim of ” improve the safety of formulations.

EWG scientists will strive to improve scores in EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetics databases, which assess formulations based on their safety rating, with the cleanest formulations achieving the EWG Verified mark .

Build on the skin deep

Skin Deep is a web-based and app-based consumer guide reportedly attracting over 8 million people per year, who cross databases for the organization’s health ratings for 26,000 products and over 9,000 ingredients.

Likewise, the expansion of the certification program also expands the scope of the EWG Verified Seal, which is currently found on more than 1,800 products sold by nearly 300 companies, sold by major retailers such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Kroger and Walgreens.

EWG says that by expanding the programs, it aims to strengthen its mission to educate consumers about the health and safety of beauty and personal care products, while making their purchasing decisions more informed.

Improve the market for clean beauty products

EWG President Ken Cook says the EWG Verified Seal has become the premier brand for clean beauty products in recent years, a movement that is driven by the rise of the conscious consumer seeking safe products without toxic ingredients, while also good for the environment.

“The goal of EWG Verified Ingredients is to improve the clean personal care market earlier in the product formulation process and deeper into the global cosmetics supply chain.”Cook said.

“Products will still need to meet the EWG Verified standard to carry our mark, which applies to all ingredients in a product. But our Verified brand will make it easier to source clean ingredients and help drive innovation in key problem areas, like the need for safer options for cosmetic preservatives.

Science reviewed by EWG

The organization will also open its scientific collaboration program to all companies and individuals working in the field of science and formulation of cosmetics, rolling out a program that has been B-tested over the past three years.

The EWG Reviewed for Science program enables scientists and private sector formulators to improve their Skin Deep product scores and create products that can achieve the EWG Verified mark.

To meet the expected increase in demand for the organization’s scientific program, it has confirmed two new appointments: Carla Burns, EWG Scientist, Who worked for many years within the EWG Verified team, will become Senior Director of Cosmetic Sciences. The other date is Kali rauhewho will be Director of Cosmetic Science and will draw on her experience with the program to lead the EWG Reviewed for Cosmetics.


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