DOST Unveils Ethically Made, Halal-Certified Cosmetics


The Department of Science and Technology has announced that it has developed a range of halal-certified health and beauty products through its Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI).

Muslims make up 5% of the population of the Philippines, the majority of whom are Catholics – who likely suffer from a lack of halal-certified personal care products on the market.

These products include lipstick and lip balm, both of which contain shea butter and virgin coconut oil (VCO) or avocado oil; soap made with avocado oil, shea butter and VCO infused with lemon and cucumber extracts; shampoo infused with lemongrass oil, VCO, peppermint, wheat germ oil and rosemary essential oil; and a toothpaste containing VCO, papaya extract and peppermint.

DOST added that consumers with special preferences or ingredient restrictions may also find value in these halal-compliant products through the special ingredient list.

The science office explained that as a halal-compliant range, the products are ethically produced, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

A Halal product is non-toxic, non-toxic and free from contaminations, impurities, harmful ingredients and najis — or ritually impure elements.

“Normally, when we hear the word ‘halal’, we automatically correlate its importance to food such as in food services or food industries. But, I think it is equally important to consider that the raw materials used in the production of cosmetics and personal care are those that tend to be ingested, inhaled and absorbed through the skin. Thus, halal compliance should also be given sufficient attention for cosmetics and personal care products,” Ma. Rachel Parcon, DoST-ITDI Lead Scientific Research Specialist, said.

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