Cosmax showcases its transdermal delivery material at a global cosmetic science conference in London


[Courtesy of Cosmax]

SEOUL — Cosmax, a South Korean original development cosmetics manufacturer, presented a transdermal delivery material, which helps absorb cosmetics into the skin, at a global cosmetic science conference in London. The material was created using lipid components that exist between the cells of the stratum corneum.

Worldwide demands for transdermal delivery systems have increased. In most cases, the effective ingredients for the skin are not delivered sufficiently due to the barrier function of the stratum corneum which prevents external ingredients from being good or harmful to the body. The effectiveness of skin care products is often determined based on the amount of effective ingredients delivered to the skin.

A new transdermal delivery material called “Skin Communicator” was developed using ingredients similar to intercellular lipids by Cosmax and a research team led by Lee Hyo-min, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Science and technologies of Pohang (POSTECH). Skin lightening efficacy was improved by 20% and wrinkle improvement by 80%. The dermal absorption rate was higher than in conventional products.

The research was presented at the International Federation of Cosmetic Chemical Societies (IFSCC) in London on September 20. and the head of the innovation center, Park Myung-sam, said in a statement on Sept. 21.

Dermocosmetics is a collection of dermatology and cosmetics, i.e. skin care products to treat many different skin conditions using effective ingredients.

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