Ahpra responds to cosmetic surgery spotlight with #besafefirst resource (Fed)


The Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (Ahpra), a national body that regulates registered health practitioners in Australia, has published a resource on cosmetic procedures, “Cosmetic procedures: #besafefirstto inform consumers and help them make safer choices.

The consumer resource covers:

• Who is involved in performing the procedure or surgery?

• Where is the procedure or surgery taking place? Is it clean? Is it safe? Does it meet state or territory licensing requirements?

• What drugs, medical devices or other health products are used?

• Informed consent

• Do you know where to go in case of a problem?

Ahpra also publishes a consumer fact sheet on injectables.

A fact sheet for health practitioners has also been published, which brings together relevant resources such as:

• Advertising compliance and enforcement strategy for the national program and guidelines for advertising a regulated health service.

• Medical Board of Australia — Guidelines for Registered Physicians Performing Cosmetic Medical and Surgical Procedures.

• Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia — Position Statement on Nursing and Cosmetic Procedures.

• Code of Conduct (available on each National Council’s website).

Source: Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency, Resources, [website update]accessed September 2, 2022.


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